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 • The Editors of TIFAM reserve the right to edit submitted articles, including changing titles, shortening and supplementing essential information, as well as other changes due to editorial or linguistic considerations.     


• Submission of material is tantamount to consent to its publication and placement in E-zine and its internet site.      


• The materials published on TIFAM have an educational and cognitive value. The materials published here are also to promote reading and interesting in activities connected with the sport of archery.       


• The author agrees that his content will be commented by the readers, by means of the comment system available online.      


• The author agrees for processing of his personal data included in the material for the editorial purposes.     


• The author of the submitted manuscript declares that the submitted material has not been published before and currently is not under consideration for publication in other periodicals. If the manuscript has been previously published or has been submitted to other periodicals for consideration, the author should notify the Editors.      


• The author of the submitted material declares that he holds the copyright in accordance with the Act on Copyright and Related Rights and transfers the author's proprietary rights to the Publisher free of charge. The author also declares that the material does not infringe the aforementioned Act.      


• The publisher will not pay for the material submitted to the Editors. At the same time the publisher does not pay for other materials sent to the Editors such as proofreading, substantive proofreading, suggestions concerning the portal etc.       


• The author of the submitted content grants the publisher a perpetual and free licence to use the submitted  content by the publisher. This consent means in particular:          

1. the public, indefinite and unpaid access to and use of the material by the Publisher.       

2. use of the material in print and digital recording.         

3. the disposal of the material by the Publisher.

4. the Publisher to receive an indemnity for the use of the material.

5. the author may reserve other licence conditions in writing (a scanned copy of the reservations sent by e-mail signed by the author will suffice). In such a case the Editors will agree on individual licence conditions with the Author.      


• Irrespective of the method of publication, the author's manuscript should be signed with his/her name and surname.      


• Submissions should be no shorter than 1 standard A4 page and no longer than 6 pages in the same standard, i.e. between 1800 characters including spaces and punctuation up to 10,800 characters, in Rtf. Docx. or Odt. format, we do not accept materials in PDF format. Please embed the photograph in the text, with appropriate captions and an indication of the author or origin of the photograph. If you do not own the rights to the photographs, we will not be able to publish them. Alternatively, please indicate that the photographs are licensed under a CC or other non-infringing licence, in which case it is mandatory to indicate the download address for copyright verification.














• The author of the submitted content should give his name, surname, and possibly a coaching level, as well as other information about himself at his own discretion. The author can also add a note about himself, which will be published along with the content.      


• The article should contain a lead, i.e. an introductory paragraph giving briefly the most important elements of the story. Its purpose is to arouse the reader's interest and encourage him to read the whole article.      


• We recommend that longer submissions are divided into chapters (individual parts divided by headings).      


• A bibliography should be included in the popular science contribution. Footnotes are advisable, but not obligatory.      


• The author has the right to request changes to his material. The Editors will make changes if they consider it appropriate.       


• The Editors reserve the right to refuse to publish or to remove material without giving reasons, and in particular if the material:          

1. violates copyright and related rights.         

2. appears to be unreliable.         

3. is of poor factual quality.

4. violates Editors set of rules        

5. It violates other legally protected rights.                 


• Editors do not take responsibility for changes in the materials resulting from unauthorized access.      


• The Editors do not impose on the Authors the dates, place and time of execution of the material. Submitting material to the editorial office is voluntary. The date of publication depends on the publication schedule maintained by the Editor-in-Chief.      


• At the author's request, the Editor-in-Chief will issue a certificate confirming publication of the submitted material. The certificate will be issued within 14 days. The author must specify the material to which the certificate relates.      


• If the submitted manuscript has more than one author, the terms of publication shall apply to each of the authors.      


• The editors reserve the right to reject any text that does not meet the above conditions.      


• The Editors do not return submitted materials.

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