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1. TIFAM respects each individual’s right to privacy in accordance with Data Protection Acts 1988 to 2018.   


2. The following pieces of information are routinely received from members: names, email and/or postal addresses, telephones numbers. Similar information may be received from persons who express an interest in contributing to TIFAM.   


3. The information we receive is held and controlled by the TIFAM editor. It is held for the primary purposes for which it was received, for communications with members and management of TIFAM publications.   


4. The information will not be supplemented with data from other sources.   


5. Information may not be disclosed to any third parties except where it is required for insurance purposes or it is required by law.   


6. TIFAM reserves the right to amend its Privacy Statement as posted on its website where considered necessary but, if it does amend it, members will be notified of the amendment in the next issue.

Please read detailed Privacy Policy here: TIFAM PRIVACY POLICY

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