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Your Bow Can Have More Than One String !

Our friend Tom Joyce, of Laois Archery, is a renaissance man or maybe even two:) Everyone knows him for his great sense of humour, his innate and acquired wisdom (after all, I myself nicknamed him the Plato of the Slieve Bloom Mountains) and his near-scientific approach to the art of archery. Well, I specifically use the word "art" back here, for when Tom does it, everything becomes art! Believe me, I know what I'm talking about, I have seen his landscapes, which are breathtaking, and also his arrows, which do exactly the same to a person as his paintings. All carefully balanced, polished to the limit of reason - but that's Tom, if he takes on something, he puts his whole heart into it, along with his kidneys, liver, stomach and the rest of the human anatomy, as well as known and unknown reserves of creative spirit:) Add to this also a love of travel and technical intuition and you get a hybrid that even the mythical Kraken would not stand a chance against... Read (in his own words) about Tom's journeys ... and make sure you take a look at these great photos!

There was a time, when I left school, that all I knew about mechanical things could have fitted on a postage stamp, a small po