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Winning Paths podcast station - interview with Eric Lindemann, president of T.A.I

Updated: Mar 16

Listen to this exclusive interview with Eric Lindemann, President of T.A.I (Traditional Archers International). Erick talks about T.A.I in a wonderful way, about the values and the passion that comes out in almost everything he says. T.A.I is a worldwide organisation focusing on traditional archery, essentially any individual archer can become a member of T.A.I, clubs and even federations are also accepted, so it is an egalitarian organisation focusing not only on the sports sensu stricto and chasing results. T.A.I offers a systematic approach to traditional/historical archery - where history is alive in the sense of research and cataloguing of historical archery data. T.A.I invites to join all individual archers, clubs and federations from Ireland and beyond! Join in and share your passion and love for the sport of archery.

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