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For someone who has been shooting the bow for a few or more years, some of the questions seem amusing to say the least and the answers are blatantly obvious. We have this sport in our blood and we are imbuing the next generation with it, But what about those who have never held a bow in their hand, how do we encourage them to try?

Well... I may begin then, with a profound question: why archery? I have counted 10 main reasons, or rather they are points, for as you read here, the so-called 'reasons' I listed are plenty...

Archery is an all-inclusive sport suitable for any age, physical capabilities, gender and financial background.

It is a great sport for building confidence quickly. The feeling of shooting a bow, and accomplishing your goal – whether it's drilling a bull's eye or executing a great shot – helps you build self-esteem and enjoy a sense of accomplishment. Archery is also great for improving focus, patience and discipline.

It is a perfect environment for goal-setting. Set your personal objectives and milestones as you improve every day by aiming at smaller targets while increasing the shooting distance. Moreover, it is a year-round sport, both indoors and outdoors – so it's even easier to set goals and pursue them.

Archery has games for everyone. Field, 3D (with multitude rounds) and there are also olimpic, Indoor, outdoor, and even mail matches of different types with the veracity of rounds. It teaches teamwork & Sportsmanship.

It offers easiness of making friends - what is even better, these friends you make in archery often become your lifelong buddies.

Archery improves your health as it is all about exercise, it builds up your strength, and coordination, gives you better control (by maintaining focus on your shot routine), it extends your patience and helps you relax.

Archery teaches the importance of safety! By setting your thoughts towards the well-being of yourself and those around you... whether it concerns the behaviour at the range or equipment safety... it makes you aware of the things you would never have thought before. It also improves your etiquette – in sports and everyday life. Archery keeps your mind sharp, it gives you riddles to solve by pushing you to comprehend multiple tasks at the same time - such as estimating distances, elevation, windage, terrain features, arrow weight, length, spine, maintaining your anchor point, executing proper realise, and probably many, many more variables I even didn’t think at this moment. It makes your mind brighter - there is no dispute about that.

And maybe one of the most important characteristics of this sport – it is inexpensiveness to start! In fact, you don't really need any equipment at the beginning as most clubs have their own gear for beginners, which you can use until you find your niche in the sport. Then, depending on your preference, you can assemble the necessary equipment step by step.

Archery is a multi-layered sport that is a bit like an onion in its structure - if you understand what I mean. There is something for everyone within it. Honestly I do not know if any other sport offers as many classes and divisions as archery. The variety of equipment and uses is amazing. Yes... it takes a while to get to grips with it - but once you know what you're dealing with, archery offers an almost infinite number of variations when it comes to choosing a class, category or so-called “sport within a sport”.

And the last but not least reason in my list is - what we often write about in our reports from various events: The sport of archery gives us a sense of belonging. For in fact, by starting it you embark on a great and adventurous voyage through life, full of friendly people who - in time - will become your family. And surprisingly in every case I know - and believe me, I have met hundreds of archers from all over the world - yet every one of them confirms this phenomenon of a great archery family. However, in order to see, feel and really understand what this is all means, you need to become one of us... So - don't wait just find your club and meet your future family...

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