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The need for speed.

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Why are some archers obsessed with the speed of their arrows.

We all know a light arrow flies faster and has a flatter trajectory than a heavier arrow. That's all very well. Byt a light arrow will also deflect further in the air if windy.

There is a bowyer in Italy who guarantees his limbs to be used with 5 grains per lb arrows. So on a 40# bow you could use 200gr arrows.

He has done tesys on speed and got 200+ fps a second on a 38# bow with his limbs on it . Now these are carbon arrows by the way.

Those must put huge stress on the limbs.

Personally i use predominantly wooden arrows. Which are heavier and slower.

The other factors on the speed of an arrow. The length of the fletching .

Is it fletched helical or straight.

I'm sure these fly weight arrows are fine for target shooting where you are shooting out to 70 or 80 yards.

But they are not good for hunting.

It is known that a heavier slower arrow is better for that. As it will get better penetration. As it has been proven.

But a heavy arrow isn't really suitable for shooting targets at greater distances. As most bow hunting is done between 5 and 25 yards. Due to the high trajectory of the arrow . There is a greater chance of missing.

Any way it doesn't matter if your arrow flies at 220 fps or 150 fps if you can't hit the target.

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