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Oh Burgundy!

Oh Burgundy! Probably the only place on Earth where walking a 10 km loop in the vicinity of Beaune looks like reading a wine menu from a Michelin Starred restaurant: Pommard, Meursault, Chorey, Aloxe-Corton, Pernand-Vergelesses, Savigny-lès-Beaune. All these names are not only great wines but also small villages (even hamlets), and even if Aloxe-Corton is only 5 km away from Pernand-Vergelesses they are two different wines! And that is the beauty of vineyards in France; it’s what we called "terroir", pardon my French but there isn’t a direct translation for this word. And now imagine visiting all these prestigious wineries and also practicing archery. It would be nice now, wouldn’t it! Well, I bet you see me coming, there is such a place: Bourgogne Archerie! Pretty close to Arnay-le-Duc and Autun; only 40 min drive from Beaune; this place is a haven of peace in the forest of Burgundy.

This private property has got two ranges of 24 lanes each: one pretty flat for beginners and the other ones for intermediate and more experienced archers. All the pegs are within World Archery distances: red (max. 45 m) for sight and compound; blue (max. 35 m) for the rest and white for kids.

Along the way, you will also notice that, apart from the targets placed on the shore of the lake, none of them have got a net or super boss behind them. This is because the distances are way shorter than IFAA!

In addition to two practice ranges 2D and 3D, they also have several picnic tables. So why not do the difficult course in the morning, then have lunch and in the afternoon, take it easy and shoot on the light one? And in case you need some archery equipment or replacement for broken or lost arrows, there is a shop handy (don't worry, they also sell online: It’s on the website where you can find directions, place to stay and people to contact if you want to have a go (pre-booking is mandatory!). Prices are €15 for half a day and €22 for full day (€13 and €19 for kids) so it means you go around as much as you like!

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