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Mini Games

When I first started flinging sticks a decade ago, I was taken aback by the density of clubs, not just locally but all over this fine island. It seems archery is Ireland’s best kept secret. Furthermore, the scales had fallen from my eyes as I was introduced to field archery. Until then, my awareness of archery was what the Olympics would show. Prior to taking part in Lough Cuan Bowmen’s beginners’ course, London had hosted the Olympic Games and my father had made a habit of watching the archery. I wasn't long back from university and looking for fencing clubs to keep up my desire for swordplay, however after dad read Azincourt by Bernard Cornwall, he was determined to take up archery and took me with him.

But back to the point. Suddenly archery was vast and ever expanding, stretching beyond the limitations of what I saw on the television presented by the Olympics. Field archery and 3D archery enthralled me, along with the problem-solving techniques of barebow and the artistry in traditional shooting types such as longbow.