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Laois Archery, the light within...

As the old Roman proverb goes, "Nemo propheta in patria sua", so I find it difficult and sometimes even awkward to write about my home club. Not that I don't know how, or that there is something that holds me back, on the contrary, I have a thousand multiplied by a thousand luminous thoughts and memories bound up with the people who shaped and forged (often through sweat and tears) Laois Archery as it is now – strong and radiant alike the golden star shimmering in the vastness of the sombre expanse of space. Beginning with James Delaney and Tom McDonald, the "Founding Fathers", always standing aside yet on the look-out for something to do for the club or its people, through the current chair Nick Anton, who I often think of as the irreplaceable Clemens von Metternich of today... We all owe him much, much more than the bright future of a single club.

Watching him over the years, I realise how much he influences the shape and development of the IFAF (along with the general shift of the perception of the archery sport as such). At the same time he does it in a way that feels very natural.

Oh... No! He's not a revolutionary! Rather a Spin-doctor always near the governing body. As in all places and situations where people live and interact with each other, politics comes into play over time, and Nick finds himself well suited to it, lending direction without being overly conspicuous - hence the association with Metternich. A man who turns the wheel of fortuity while keeping himself firmly inside. This requires a calling on patience and inner strength to set the vessel (that carries us all towards the future) in motion. Alongside Nick, walking side by side is Georgi Phips and her husband Emlyn (the Paladins of the club's cause),

Jimmy Holden, keeping pace although missing a leg (a fine example