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ISSUE 15 Jan/Feb 2023 Editor's Note

Updated: Jan 16

I guess in every culture the New Year represents a new opening, so we set ourselves goals, define our horizons, and assess our strengths... Well, maybe not always, let's say that the last point is the domain of rational men, I would even say precautionary ones! Hmmm, of course, this is a noble trait, desired by respectable employers - especially bankers:)

We here at TIFAM are perhaps more of a dreamer, neither a businessman nor bank executives people, we act purely by heart and out of altruism. We look at the surrounding world through a kaleidoscope of hopes and dreams, where every day is not as much a challenge as a new adventure.

There is something new to learn in each passing day and each day offers a new kaleidoscope of colourful crystals to see the world through them. Just yesterday I spoke with Stringfellow and we came to an interesting conclusion…

What is it that we all seek in archery? Fame, wealth, a career? At this point, I imagin