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High Stakes Archery

"This was probably the most chilled and relaxed I’ve ever been at a competition and I have to thank my club mates for having the best craic ever at a competition. To be nearly crying with laughter in between ends." - Hollie Murdock, Ulster University Archery member

I like to compete in target archery every once in a while. However, I can see why many archers do not attend target rounds, and why they consider them to be boring - static targets, always level, always the same size. If there is a change in distance during the competition, it is still limited by presenting the archer with only a few differing distances - and with so many ends shot per distance, it makes little difference to be considered a diverse feature.

However, the Vegas round can be considered the exception to the above statement; a triple spot of 20cm targets, presented in a triangular pattern, shot at 20yrds.

The hosts of this round were Muckamore Company of Archers, based in County Antrim. MCoA is the largest archery club here i