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Ghosts of Mary Rose

  • The Marsden Book

On the summer days of 18 and 19 July in the year of our Lord 1545, one of the most famous battles of the so-called "Italian Wars", fought between the fleets of Francis I of France and Henry VIII of England, took place amidst the waters of the Solent, somewhere between Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. The clash yielded no settlement, but went down in history as the one that saw the sinking of the English carrack Mary Rose.

Tragedy befell when the Mary Rose, Henry VIII's flagship, suddenly sank shrouding beneath the vaves hundreds of sailors for whom the sea bed became a final resting place that day. While many theories of why this particular ship sank has been debated over the centuries, it wasn't until the Mary Rose was raised to the surface in 1982 that we began to fathom what really happened. Peter Marsden a Scotland-born writer and director, also an expert on the Mary Rose, believed it was a good time for a thorough examination of the vessel story and attempt to explain what or who really had sunk it. This resulted in the fascinating book "1545: Who Sank The Mary Rose?"