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Festive Fun Shoot!

"Super fun day at the Christmas shoot organised by the Lough Cuan Bowmen, great mix of fun and challenging targets in fantastic surroundings." - Jordan McBroom, Lough Cuan Bowmen member

Well, the year is almost over and at this point we have shot through it all: Mediterranean heat, rain with the density of lead balls, monsoon level winds and a winter that thus far has been colder than Medusa's stare. For most of that weather you wouldn't even contemplate going for a walk through your favourite National Trust venue, but for a field or 3D round it may as well just be a part of the course setup.

At Lough Cuan Bowmen, my own fine club, we hosted a final end of year competition; deliberately light-hearted in its design and setup, designed to ensure an outcome in which our many new members get some field and 3D experience, and above all enjoy themselves - the 3Ds were even backstopped to give new members are greater sense of confidence. Whilst this was planed in advance, like all competitions, the weather was conspiring against us, threatening heavy rain. Fortunately the rain did stay away - for most of the day at least. In its place however was wind. This wasn't too much of an issue for shooting as we were in the confines of a forest, but each wave would scoop up as much iciness as it could to throw over us nonetheless. But, hey, it was better than getting slowly stabbed into pneumonia by dagger-sharp pricks of rain.