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Carrowmore Archery... where the energy flows

The frying pan was on, kettle boiled, fresh white bread sliced, and copious bacon and sausage sandwiches were distributed. So it was subsequently in the maturing afternoon, we emerged from and gathered outside the Carrowmore Archers polytunnel under the clear blue mid-autumn sky, the sun beaming down and almost instinctively the same expression could be read from the faces of those gathered, no way could the day be concluded without a round on the course. And so, vans, trunks and boots were opened, archery gear retrieved (because naturally one travels around the place with this stuff in the back of their car…. . like it's perfectly normal…. . isn't it?). The name Carrowmore itself actually comes from the nearby Mesolithic tombs of the same name. There is the belief that it lies upon a natural earth energy line leading from Stonehenge, taking in Loughcrew, Brú na Bóinne heading down through Ireland towards Queen Maeve's cairn then changing direction towards none other than the Egyptian Pyramids.

As many will testify, the more one shoots, the more one experiences the wonderful opportunity to visit some fantastic courses and meet so many wonderful people. That's fine, for indeed every course is special in its own unique way. It has its own characteristics, its’ own nuances, the little quirks, reflective of the imagination of those working behind the scenes to create an enjoyable experience for those visiting. However, every so often a place captures your imagination. Sometimes it's difficult to home in on what made it such a memorable experience. Was it the weather? Was it the company you kept that day? Perhaps you shot unexpectedly well? Maybe it was your mindset at that particular point in time? Perhaps it was a combination of all. Whatever the reason that did it for me, it just happened to be on the banks of The Owenmore River fed Temple Lake under the watchful gaze of Temple House at Carrowmore, County Sligo, where I think I found my special place.