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Bow of the month!

For most of my eight and bit years, I have been a proud traditional archer, exploring the various bow styles and shooting styles; from the trad category with carbon arrows all the way to English longbow, even currently working to refine the thumb-draw shooting technique with a horse bow.

Wooden bows just look better. Some may rail against this, while others will disagree without a fuss, but I argue that a wooden bow is a sculpted work that falls between poetry and art. There is something special about them and you feel more aligned and closer to the true nature of archery the further you refine your equipment in the direction of wood – both bow and arrow. For me, the kind of archery seen in the Olympics is gaudy, mechanical, and dull, but shooting wooden bows with ‘traditional’ techniques is weaving together a kind of physical poetry whilst inciting an inner excitement and satisfaction.

For this bow of the month article, I am excited to delve into a horse bow, specifically the Oak Ridge Bamboo Sada!

Starting with a bit of history, the horse bow, broadly speaking, is a wonderful invention, despite its original purpose, designed for devastation and conquest, as a weapon utilised as a precursor to the brutality inflicted by Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan’s horse