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Archers Talkin' Archery - An Interview with Ann Lisa Pedersen

1 – What is your favourite dinosaur?

Ankylosaur, hands down! It’s short, wide, and armoured to heck! They even have a sledgehammer on their tails, so they can fight and defend themselves. I think they’re a neat example of adaptability and evolution creating wildly specialised creatures.

2 – What club are you a member of?

Trelde Næs Bueskydning in Denmark and probably still a member in spirit in Tambar on the Faroe Islands.

3 – What is your preferred shooting style?

Barebow! I started on the longbow, and never really figured it out. I did have fun for some years, and now my partner shoots my old longbow. I’m very happy that it’s still in use.

4 – How did you get into archery?

Through my parents. They contacted the local club in connection with entertainment for my father’s birthday, and both got hooked. They shot for several years, sometimes asking if I wanted to join, and I always said no. For some reason I used to think that archery was severely uncool. Don’t ask why, I really can’t explain that. When I moved away from home and came home to visit for weekends, I joined them for practice to spend more time with them. And just like they’d been, I was obsessed right from the start.

5 – Who is your favourite fictional archer?

Do archers in mythology count? Ull (also known as Ullr) is one of the old gods, famous for skiing and being a very good archer. He lives in a place called Ydalir, or Yew Valley. I wear an amulet with his image on my quiver, so I feel very connected to him.

6 – What is your favourite competition type?

3D! For the longest time I just couldn’t get excited about regular target archery. Having lived two years on the Faroe Islands, where 3D isn’t a thing, I learned to love target as well. I’d still pick the forest over any other option though.

7 – What is your favourite shooting venue?

There are several, but one that really stands out is the Bohus Fortress in Sweden, which was a part of the 2018 European Championships. I have a master’s in mediaeval archeology, and Bohus was constructed in my favourite period, so I was very easily distracted.

Other than that, we have our club forest. It goes right down to the ocean, and changes drastically every winter. Trees topple over and land on the beach, the earth cracks and moves when it freezes, slowly the entire area falls into the waves. The very best days here are in the early days of january, when there’s still frost, but no clouds.

8 – What is your favourite weather to shoot in?

A little cloudy. Sunshine is lovely and all, but a few clouds to break it up is the best.

9 – Would you rather do archery whilst riding a unicorn or a pegasus?

Unicorn I think. They’re very cool with their stabby heads.

10 – What is the oddest thing you have seen during a competition?

Oof, tough one. I’m not really sure. I think most of it has been fairly standard.

11 – What is the highest level of competition you have shot in?

That was probably the European Championships in 2018. I haven’t had my sights on the same level for a few years, but I am planning a comeback in the next few seasons.

12 – What is the best shot you have made in a competition?

Oh heck. I don’t know if I have one single shot that stands out. Maybe I need a new best shot? I’ll get on that.

13 – Which fictitious archers would you want on your side for a team match?

Can I get the Cary Elwes version of Robin Hood from Men in Tights? HE speaks with an English accent, unlike others.

14 – What are your goals in archery?

Right now the next goal is my participation in Eat Sleep Archery in october. It’s a 24-hour ordeal, which is basically designed to stress test the archers. I’ve participated twice before, and I am VERY MUCH looking forward to it. After that I’d love to re-join the national team!

15 – What is your proudest achievement in the sport?

I’m the first person to shoot Faroese championships with a barebow. When I moved there in 2020 it was mostly olympic recurve and compound, but traditional archery got a hold REALLY fast. I didn’t have much of a hand in it, but I am very happy to know that so many people found their passion for archery. I’m still very proud to have been a part of it though.

16 – What is the best advice you have been given in archery?

First, calm down. Focus on yourself. No one else really cares about your results, they’re too busy with their own stuff.

Second, GO PRACTICE. Kelea Quinn used to say this to me allllll the time. “Great, Lisa, Now go practice!”

17 – How do you think you would have fared in the stone age with a bow and arrows?

Phew. Probably dead to be honest. I use contacts, so I’d be f*****. Can I say that? You can just write something else if I can’t.

18 – What is the one thing you really enjoy in the sport?

That feeling when I execute the shot *perfectly* and the arrow flies exactly where I wanted it to go.

And I know it’s more than one thing, but having met so many amazing people, experienced perspectives I would’ve otherwise never thought of, and made friends with people from all around the world.

19 – What one thing in the sport irritates you the most?

I feel like 3D and field get a lot less attention than they should. There’s so many good archers who never get their time in the spotlight.

20 – What would you like to see in terms of improvement within archery as a sport?

I hope to see less division within the sport. Too much time is spent on putting other classes or types down. Even if it’s just jokes, it’s very uncreative.

21 – What do you think would make a great mascot for the sport of archery?

I like ducks! They have nothing to do with archery, but I still think it’d be delightful.

22 – Who is your most fervent supporter?

My parents and my partner. My father unfortunately can’t shoot very much any more, but whenever I buy some new gear or need help or just anything, he’s always there. My mother is great for sparring mentally. We’re very similar people, but she also always knows how to cut through my bulls*** (in a nice way). My partner loves the outdoors more than he loves archery, but he sees it as a great way to get outside. He usually always comes along when I ask.

23 – If you could shoot another bow style, what would it be?

Longbow probably! Or maybe a compound hunting setup! I’m sure instinctive or olympic recurve could be really fun and challenging as well. Ugh, I feel very indecisive about this!

24 – Any advice for girls/women in archery?

There will be people who will try to pit you against other women. Don’t let them. Be an ally and a friend instead.


Photo 1 credit, Lego cover photo - Matt Latimer

Photo 2 credit - Middelfart Sparekasse

Photo 3 credit - Jogvan Niclasen

Photo 4 credit - Kela Quinn

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