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ANDREWS 20 question

  • The essential 10 questions first.

How did you get into archery?

A good question to start, I played badminton for many years in my local community hall (Ballykelly) and helped run this club with some other committee members. However, we eventually had too many kids playing and not enough parents or adult players available to supervise so we were left with no option but to close the club for good due to the safety guidelines for young people in sport. A couple of weeks later, someone I was randomly talking to remarked if I was aware that there was now archery taking place in the hall. I remember laughing saying I very much doubt it as the hall would not be big enough for any archery, after all It was a compact one court hall with a small stage at one end. But this person was adamant that he was correct and told me to go along and see for myself. Which I did the following week and that’s how it all started. I met coach Don (Bradley) and a few other archers. I was gob-smacked and very pleasantly surprised. It looked interesting, challenging and the coaches demonstrated it all in a fun way. Within minutes I had had a go myself and I was instantly drawn to the sport. I was back the next week for a proper session. And 18 years later I still love it all just as much, having met the most lovely people and making lifelong friends along the way.