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All Ireland Archery Festival Bulletin

All archery clubs, regardless of affiliation, are welcome to participate and cooperate in the development of the festival. Any club may showcase and promote its offer - in fact, the possibilities are endless and the only confining factor is our imagination. This could be a small table with flyers for a new beginners' course, an interactive project utilising teaching aids or some miscellaneous course. Perhaps you wish to showcase your own crafts, as is the case with the Carrowmore Archers. Carrowmore - after your 'manufacturing' success at last year's SIFA Championships in Limerick we are counting on you this year:)

We also encourage all clubs to share their knowledge by organising unique courses or workshop sessions. So far a number of courses and stalls such as: bow tuning, basic longbow workshop, and string care, have a go have been confirmed.

We are also planning a panel discussion tent where you can take part in a moderated debate on archery-related topics. Therefore it is crucial that you individually and as club representatives propose topics for the debate. You can do this in two ways, simply by emailing us at or by entering your suggestions under the electronic version of this article on our website in the comments section. In both cases, please sign your name or include the name of your club so that the other panellists know who proposes what.

Now an important note for those of you who aren't sure who this festival is for - it is an all-Ireland archery festival to promote archery and integrate the archery community. The festival is an open format, meaning that all archers, regardless of affiliation or nationality, are welcome to attend - so this is the answer to questions raised. If you live abroad, are not an Irish citizen or aren't a resident of Ireland our festival is also for you, we will welcome you with open hearts and be delighted to meet you so we can celebrate the archery together:)

So if you are planning to come to the festival from abroad, please contact us beforehand with your club/affiliation and an approximate number of people so that we can assist you in the most efficient ways. Please write to me or Owen at /

The next festival update bulletin will be out in 2 weeks!

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