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A sneak peek of TIFAM Issue 15

TIFAM's New Year's edition as usual has plenty of engaging writing for every taste and level of interest... Amongst other things, you will find inside Matt's regular Column and coverage of "Ice Breaker 2023", Stringfellow's passionate storytelling, the obligatory "Andrews 20 questions", reports of Wexford Clout and the annual event at the Hook Lighthouse, "Winning paths" - not just for beginners, "Bow of the month", historical storytelling by the editor-in-chief, Archery in movies and a few "Lesser things and trivia".

Take a peek at the first pages of some of our articles, soon to be published in full (starting 25 January) in the printed edition of TIFAM, available at as a single copy or by annual subscription.

A free PDF of Issue 15 will be available on our website from 25th February.