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A full-blooded sales rep

Last night I posted a small digression on Facebook about the moral dilemmas faced by enterprises like ours. How to ethically earn enough money (to cover running costs) while being a Non-Profit organisation? The problem is almost dogmatic in nature - as there are forces at odds with each other.

It is good to have a goal and to strive for its realisation; it is even better if this goal is based on noble motives. This is where the difficulty lies since we cannot get rid of the altruism which limits our ability to make a profit. At the same time, we understand that the profit in question here becomes only a side-effect of the realisation of the goal. Therefore, it can be reduced to the role of an auxiliary tool, but also (in today's understanding) becoming a guarantee for the success of the enterprise. The aim is to help and to encourage but also to stimulate the self-realisation of those involved in the process through language and its role in the arts and writing structure within the sport of archery. Also to influence and build up a world view and opinion among (the recipients), allowing for the idea of individuality - thus the individual judgement of legitimacy.

So here we have a classic example of a snake devouring its own tail. Since we are guided by ethics and altruism in what we do - the profit we may earn in the process of pursuing our goal becomes a "hot potato" - a necessary and yet undesirable thing.