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A full-blooded sales rep

Last night I posted a small digression on Facebook about the moral dilemmas faced by enterprises like ours. How to ethically earn enough money (to cover running costs) while being a Non-Profit organisation? The problem is almost dogmatic in nature - as there are forces at odds with each other.

It is good to have a goal and to strive for its realisation; it is even better if this goal is based on noble motives. This is where the difficulty lies since we cannot get rid of the altruism which limits our ability to make a profit. At the same time, we understand that the profit in question here becomes only a side-effect of the realisation of the goal. Therefore, it can be reduced to the role of an auxiliary tool, but also (in today's understanding) becoming a guarantee for the success of the enterprise. The aim is to help and to encourage but also to stimulate the self-realisation of those involved in the process through language and its role in the arts and writing structure within the sport of archery. Also to influence and build up a world view and opinion among (the recipients), allowing for the idea of individuality - thus the individual judgement of legitimacy.

So here we have a classic example of a snake devouring its own tail. Since we are guided by ethics and altruism in what we do - the profit we may earn in the process of pursuing our goal becomes a "hot potato" - a necessary and yet undesirable thing.
Such an approach involves a constant struggle, where one thing prevails.
Besides, maybe it is a matter of origin in an environment where the conviction of the topicality of a goal ends as the profit dilemma appears in the process (at any stage).

It is a deeply rooted and fundamentally false conviction that altruism requires suffering and loss (also in financial terms).

For some time now we have been building a strategy for our magazine, aiming at sustainable development, while at the same time seeking to broaden the reach of our medium by including a larger and more diverse audience.

To a large extent, we have achieved our objectives, with one exception, namely reconciling the two opposing forces of profitability and contextual quality. To this extent, our main concern is to straddle the line between high-quality content and overload of adverts or sponsored articles, hence our reluctance (or perhaps fear) to enter the market and actively seek out advertisements that meet our requirements. TIFAM is a social project and has been from the beginning, everything we do is based on the principle of voluntary work and is more of a financial burden than a profit for all of us... It is at this point that I realised we need a real salesman (who would flood us with ads) to carry on with our work - It is now a pressing need, given that TIFAM is at a crucial point in its development.
So, here's an appeal to all our supporters and readers, if you are a true, full-blooded trader (sales rep), we could really use your help. Perhaps you would like to get involved in our project and add your bit to our common cause.

If you think you may be of assistance, please email us at

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