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A coffee and chat with Level 3 Coach,Colleen Moore

On the 19th of November this year I had the magnificent opportunity and privilege of undertaking my long-awaited Level 2 Instructors’ course. Now this means a lot to me. It provides me with an opportunity to help share the passion I have for this pursuit, to help those overcome those initial confidence testing competition hurdles, to help newcomers fit in so to speak. It also provides me with a means to grow and develop and improve myself too, not just in the knowledge of archery but as a person.

So first, I'm perhaps going to go out on a limb here and say this and maybe touch the odd raw nerve or two. It's very important to hold on to your dreams, to believe in yourself and your abilities, to not let detractors and naysayers put you down whether to your face or behind your back, nor let them instill doubts in your motivations, nor let them especially interrupt your drive to be a better person.