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Who we are and what we do

The Irish Field Archery Monthly is Ireland's first NON-PROFIT periodical dedicated to archery, with the statutory aim of promoting the sport of archery and working towards its inclusivity. We are an independent publication for the archery community on the island of Ireland and beyond.


Our product is not so much the printed magazine or its electronic form, but the idea behind its creation! TIFAM is unique for many reasons, first and foremost because of its non-commercial nature. However, it would be an unfair simplification to include our mission (as we believe it cannot be called otherwise) under the term non-profit. Every idea has a purpose and TIFAM is a concept, a light in the darkness that leads us to our goal of making archery better.


We are trying to achieve this on many levels and with many tools. Our core product is the message, the written and spoken word as a means of rendering the aforementioned idea. We create dreams, but we also give our READERS, or rather we should call them PARTICIPANTS, PARTNERS of our journey, the possibility of making them come true.


Whether it is through the immediacy of language and image, where we encourage people to write about things that are important to them on their journeys, or by telling their stories in our pages, through our hearts and minds thus becoming an advocate for their cause.


This happens in both real and virtual space, on many planes at once. We believe in the inclusivity of sports and beliefs, which is why we work to integrate communities. This happens in the course of inspiring and organising events, both sporting and charitable, and in most cases at the interface between the two activities.


Hence, to conclude this 'mini manifesto': we might say that our objectives are different and have little to do with the prevailing profit-maximising drive of today. We see the world and its needs through the lens of those close to us, and this is rarely matched by a business approach. Besides, notions of the common good and social justice have always stood in contrast to fiscal calculations aimed at generating needs in order to secure opportunities for capital expansion. Which does not prevent the capitalisation of dreams from being combined with capital growth. The point is in the approach to capital accumulation, in other words in the ethics of work and conduct, and in particular in the ethics of building and setting goals that are meaningful and socially viable.


Unique features we offer:


  • TIFAM is a form of media that operates on many different planes simultaneously with inclusive access to any channels - where every member of the community has a voice, both as a commentator and as a creator, which we encourage perpetually!


  • We make a real impact on the development of sport, increased integration, intercultural exchange, the possibility to promote local communities, both in terms of sport and in a broader sense - stimulation of regional development, access to knowledge and self-education.


  • We foster equal opportunities in education and career planning, especially for the youngest members of the archery community. Promotion of a healthy lifestyle, improvement of physical fitness and accumulation of experience and knowledge. The possibility of a planned development and a consistent pursuit of goals. We encourage the youth and children to write articles on our pages, we have (our own) youth reporters in the editorial team and we showcase their example to inspire the youth and children, who always have a place on our pages for their agenda.


Benefits to our audiences:


  • The main benefit for our audiences is participation in the creative process, which cannot be defined in just a few sentences. It is an intrinsic value in itself and has different effects and implications for each individual.


  • Is it possible to put a price on health, or the acquired knowledge, or how can one value the future that opens up for a young person after having found his or her calling in sport or writing?


  • TIFAM offers more than a measurable gain - we are creating the future, building it brick by brick, and our beneficiaries (with our help) are laying the foundations for their tomorrows. This makes us a unique creation in the contemporary background of the media both in Ireland and abroad.



Company Reg No: 732212. Phone Number: +353 83 472 29 22

Mailing address:
8 Abbey Court, 
Abbeyleix Road,

Portlaoise, Co. Laois


(TIFAM CLG Secretary for year 2023-2025)

Marcin Malek


Lynn Ellingworth


(TIFAM CLG Chair Person for year 2023-2025)

Colleen Moore


Owen Reynolds

(TIFAM CLG Treasurer for year 2023-2025)


Matt Latimer

(TIFAM CLG Ordinary committee member for year 2023-2025)



Ken Farrell

(TIFAM CLG Ordinary committee member for year 2023-2025)


Andrew Wayland

(TIFAM CLG PRO for year 2023-2025)


Olivia Reynolds, Maria Malek 

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